Christmas Open Thread

I hope all of our visitors and regulars have had a Merry Christmas. Nearly all the Palin news on the day stems from Maricopa, Arizona. We’ll stay away from speculative reports.

-NY Times: Phoenix Abuzz as a Palin Buys a Home Nearby.

-The NY Post notes:

Edward Farrell, Maricopa’s vice-mayor, said Bristol’s father, Todd Palin, visited the town last spring and was interested in seeing what it offered. As Farrell drove Sarah Palin’s husband around for 3 1/2 hours, Alaska’s former self-proclaimed “first dude” drew comparisons between Maricopa and the town where Sarah Palin started her political career. “He compared it a lot to Wasilla, [Alaska] – it was a major boom town itself,” Farrell said

-Even though it’s located in the conservative Pinal county, Maricopa itself appears to be a Democrat Party stronghold. The neighbors are mainly Democrats. Just watch how rotten some of these people who are actually willing to identify themselves as members of the Democrat Party and as Obama supporters are about the news.

What else is going on today?

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