CNN’s New Brit Larry King Replacement Piers Morgan Says Sarah Palin Is “Mesmerising”…..

What with the heavy snowfalls this winter in the UK (nice going, Al Gore) and rehearsals, new carpets etc recent blogging from the depths of the Sussex Weald has been a bit like the “Executive/Management/Team Leading” section on President Obama’s CV – about as slim as a burglar’s picklock. But a flurry of tweets about new CNN Larry King replacement Piers Morgan suddenly caught my eye, partly because they included two fellow conspirators from the Palin Underground, Cubachi and ginthegin, and also because Morgan (universally known as “Piers Moron” here in the UK) has always appeared to me to be, in my nuanced opinion, a self publicising, amoral, two faced weasel who is about as trustworthy as a Chicago Democrat operative helping to count the votes in a Nevada senatorial election.

If you want something less nuanced and more robust then read this – it sums up Piers Morgan to a T.

However Piers is like Bill Clinton-you know he’s a weasel but you have to watch him and, despite his champagne socialist lifestyle, as with Bill, you cannot fail to admire the Houdini like skill with which he so often extricates himself from a vast pile of steaming manure and manages to come up smelling of roses.

The key to his survival is an unerring ability to sniff the wind and anticipate the change of direction that vital millisecond before any other player. He also has, as befits a former tabloid editor and a talent show judge in both the UK and US, a healthy suspicion of the academic and media elite which is why I see his remarks about Governor Palin on John King USA as of more significance than just casting his net to get her on his own CNN programme sometime next year.

She’s a mesmerising character on television…she tweets all the time. She is leading from the front…she is using those platforms in a highly effective way. She is driving a movement through the prism of social networking, and recognizing that if she can talk and communicate to people in a simple, effective manner, through these social networking sites, she’s going to get votes

A few months ago he would have parroted the HuffPo/AP/Frum line (we know it off by heart, don’t we?) but he, like a handful of others, has detected a sea change and he wants to get on board. Moreover, despite my previous remark about “trust” I think Morgan would see it as being in his own interest to treat The ‘Cuda with respect – and it might just be worth a gamble for her to offer an interview. His interviewing style is fascinating and always succeeds in making famous people more three dimensional without robbing them of their own self respect.

Morgan and Palin – might just be worth a punt….

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