Could Rudy Giuliani Be Palin’s Stalking Horse?

Whether it be Christopher Christie or Herman Cain, it seems that the GOP establishment has trotted out a new stalking horse against Governor Palin every week. Now that reports have surfaced indicating that the two most prominent establishment stalking horses will likely not run for the Presidency, Governor Palin appears to be in the clear even though she probably would have won it even with a credible establishment stalking horse in the race.

But what’s not typically mentioned by the chattering class and the political blogosphere is the possibility of a credible Palin stalking horse entering the contest. Could a credible Palin stalking horse run for the Presidency? I believe the answer to this question is yes after the Hill published this article about Rudy Giuliani being a “2012 dark horse.” I think Rudy has enough credibility to swing New Hampshire to Governor Palin, a result that would end the Republican contest swiftly and decisively in her favor. She clearly doesn’t need her own “stalking horse” to prevail but having one as credible as Rudy in the race would help her wrap up the nomination and move on to the general election as quickly as possible.

Anyone else come to mind as a potential Palin stalking horse?

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