Even the Perpetually Clueless Ivan Moore Finds Palin’s Numbers in Alaska to be Over 27% Higher than the Daily Kos Pollster’s Numbers

I sincerely apologize for the amount of time and attention that the Daily Kos pollster gets on this blog. In a perfect world, someone employed by the Daily Kos wouldn’t get anything other than scorn but the media continues to allow this pollster to shape the narrative. The reason why we cite its primary polling is because primary polling is distinguishable from general election polling.

In any event, this post will merely note that Ivan Moore, another clueless Democrat from Alaska, found Governor Palin’s numbers to be over 27% higher than the numbers that the Daily Kos pollster found for Governor Palin.

Keep in mind too that Moore has continually embarrassed himself when polling Governor Palin. Moore actually put forward a poll showing that John McCain and Governor Palin would only beat the Obama/Biden team in Alaska by 11 points. Unfortunately for jester Moore, McCain/Palin won by almost 22 percent.

So if Moore has Palin at 42% in Alaska, it’s probably a pretty good bet that Palin is a lot higher than that if you go by his past record when it comes to polling her. This same poll shows Miller at 25% favorability when he actually did get almost 36% of the vote. It’s pretty fair to conclude that even this poll is overly Democrat-leaning.

If you really want to find out how clueless Moore is when it comes to polling conservatives in Alaska, just look at this poll.

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