Final Day of the America By Heart Book Tour/Open Thread

She concludes the “America By Heart” book tour tonight in Columbia, South Carolina. Her book debuted at #2 on the NY Times non-fiction bestseller list and #4 among all books on the USA Today bestseller list. By contrast, Barack Obama’s new book was a complete bust as it was only #28 among all books on the USA Today bestseller list.

In any event, here’s the news of the day:

-Before you tune into Sarah Palin’s Alaska this Sunday at 9 PM EST on TLC, Ted Nugent will be on this Sunday at 8pm ET for a special episode of Talk Back. Here is a preview of this Sunday’s episode. Jim Nolte from Big Journalism has more here.

-Some of you were worried about next week’s episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska but it appears from the preview that the Governor comes out looking pretty good as usual.

-Mansour kills this rumor.

Alaska is wild and wonderful

-Bristol talks to Bob and Mark about Keith Olbermann.

Sarah Palin Book “America by Heart” is a Pro-Life Family Story

The top ten pundits among Republican activists

So what else is going on today? Remember that we are set to move on December 5th to WordPress. Sheya will have one final post tonight that discusses what will happen in the next 48 hours.

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