Governor Palin: Follow Me There… to Afognak Island!

She wrote the following on Facebook:

Come along on another Alaskan adventure as we profile amazingly hard workers in the timber industry. Loggers are hearty and hardy, and the ones I know are true conservationists. I can’t wait for you to meet these lumberjacks!

During this Christmas season, do you ever wonder where you get many of your Christmas trees, firewood, packing boxes… shoot, just look around at everything timber touches and ask yourself who begins the production of these wood products? You’ll meet them on an exciting trip to an Afognak Island logging camp where our daughter learns even more about our family’s #1 lesson: tough work ethic and character will fulfill and sustain you.

Learn how the logging families live in such a remote part of God’s country and how they cherish the land that provides their livelihood. You’ll see how their reforestation efforts allow the forest regrowth rate to repeat a life cycle of new forest nearly every 20 years. These loggers actually care more about the sustainability of their forests than most anyone because they love their livelihood, they know America relies on our domestic timber industry for good jobs and economic security, they are inspired in the great outdoors, and many of them want their kids to get to grow up to be loggers. Basically, the good folks you’ll meet want to be allowed to do what they love to do and what anyone who lives among lumber and wood products rely on them to do for us.

In addition, come see Willow’s eyes open to a new rugged and rustic lifestyle. Her driving skills improve (?) before she undertakes a family’s rite of passage with an upcoming driver’s license test. Any parent can relate.

With only a couple more episodes to share, I promise you a fun and informative episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” this Sunday night at 9pm ET/8c on TLC. Follow me there!

You can watch a preview of the episode here.

– Sarah Palin

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