Governor Palin Hits 2.5 Million on Facebook/Bristol Responds to Margaret Cho/Open Thread

Governor Palin has hit the 2.5 million mark for friends on Facebook. Congratulations to the Governor on the new milestone. In honor of this occasion, why not drop off a donation at SarahPAC if you can? Her PAC outraised her rivals in the first half of the final quarter of the 2009-2010 election cycle despite the fact that she has done effectively no fundraising for herself. Let’s help her keep the momentum for what may be the last significant filing period for her PAC.

In any event, here’s the news for a very late open thread:

-Bristol responds to Margaret Cho.

-She is the preferred presidential candidate of Hot Air readers and the Hot Air readership Republican of the year.

-Once again, if Palin only speaks Fox News and conservatives, how is it that she is speaking to reporters in Cincinnati in this video?

-Here’s a preview of tomorrow’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska that the Governor tweeted herself.

-Here’s another look at her visit to Spirit Lake, Iowa.

-Melissa Clouthier reviews America By Heart.

-Palin — the bestselling author and former governor and vice-presidential candidate — is one of Walters’ most fascinating people for a record third consecutive year. Walters said she came away from their recent meeting convinced that “this is a woman who is going to be a candidate (for president) — or, at least, wants to be a candidate.”

-Mark Meed slams Joe Scarborough’s criticism of Governor Palin.

Congratulations to the Oregon Ducks and the Auburn Tigers for making it to the championship. Welcome to the new and improved Conservatives4Palin website.

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