Governor Palin vs Michelle Obama: Personal Responsibility vs Government Take Over

In this week’s episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, while searching for some ingredients, Governor Palin was heard making an off the cuff comment: “This in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day we should not have dessert”.

Of course, as with everything Palin, there was a sudden international outcry about the Governors “recent jab” at Michelle Obama. Of course no one found it important to mention that this comment was made during the recording of the show which took place about six months ago, likely in reference to a speech in July where Michelle Obama stated that dessert is not a right.

Poor Michelle Obama! Did Governor Palin hurt her feelings? For two years now Governor Palin has been ridiculed and trashed about everything she has said, done, or written. I didn’t see any of those reporters who suddenly feel sorry for Mrs Obama complain about hurting Governor Palin’s feelings. I guess it comes down to Michelle Obama being a liberal vs Governor Palin being a conservative.

Governor Palin didn’t take a personal shot at Mrs Obama. She referred to a policy issue the First Lady was promoting. We respect Mrs Obama for getting involved in policy issues, but as every politician will tell you, when you get involved in policy, criticism by those who disagree with you comes with the territory.

Another thing you won’t hear from the media: Governor Palin has been encouraging healthy eating long before Mrs Obama took it upon herself to involve the government in telling parents how to raise their kids. During her state of the state address in 2009 Governor Palin said this:

Both Governor Palin and Michelle Obama believe in the cause of fighting obesity. Governor Palin believes in educating parents and children on how to take care of themselves, but ultimately leave that up to the parents, while Mrs Obama believes parents can’t be trusted with their own kids and government needs to do it for them.

Mrs Obama is a big girl and can take political criticism. She does not need the media to blow a policy disagreement into an international outcry. If the First Lady cannot handle it, then she has no business trying to get the government to take over our personal lives.

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