Guest Submission: Joe Miller’s Candidacy is “About the Rule of Law and the Direction of This Country.”

The following is a guest submission from Miller campaign “insider” and C4P regular Bill in Baltimore about the Alaska Senate contest:

Most of the C4P readership know that I volunteered for Joe Miller in the primary and then in the general election. In the general election, my one week turned into four weeks (much to the surprise of my wife and my employer), as I stayed on to assist in the write-in effort that took place in Juneau. I was joined by fellow C4P barbarians Bestbud and Manajordan for the general election, and that was a blessing for me as well as for them. We hung out together and took in the Alaskan experience. Both got to meet Joe and the team, and Bestbud and I were at the Joe Miller rally where Sarah gave a rousing speech.

I want to mainly thank C4P for an 18-month political education that put me in a position to be an effective member of the team. I went straight from the airport back in August for the primary to a debate prep, and much of what I learned at C4P was put to good use then and throughout the campaign. I was also fairly well-informed on Alaska politics and personalities due to C4P, so it was with interest that I observed Randy Ruedrich come to our headquarters on Nov 5 (to tell us Lisa had enough votes to win, so we should plan on pulling out after 2 days in Juneau), then I had the pleasure of being paired with John Bitney as an observer during the write-in election. I also observed John Tracy act as a floor supervisor for Murkowski, taking pictures of ballots with his cell phone.

There is a lot to say in this matter, both from a technical election perspective and from a larger perspective, not to mention the ruling today of the Supreme Court. Many people will dissect the Supreme Court’s decision, and I’ll touch on that.

Personally, this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I became (and remain) a key volunteer for Joe Miller. I support him because he is a man of integrity and he’s fighting for this country, at great personal cost to himself. My support for Sarah Palin remains the same for the same reasons. She and Joe are both fighters, and for the same reasons.

But this election is not about Joe or Sarah, and I don’t want to take up the article with too many personal items. The election is about the rule of law and the direction of this country.

Here are a couple of points on the ruling. The main points of the ruling are:
– voter intent is paramount
– minor misspelling does not invalidate a ballot.

Well, after having reviewed thousands of ballots, I came to the conclusion that it is not possible to discern voter intent, because it is so subjective. And I personally witnessed many protest votes, such as the famous “Murcowshi*” (not with the *), several other vulgar comments, and much butchering of her name. Without an objective standard, how exactly does this uphold the integrity of the election ? It allows bureaucrats to twist the law any way they want. If someone other than Gail Fenumiai (Director of the Division of Elections) had been the one to ascertain voter intent for the write-in ballots, they’d come up with different results !

And really, it’s not that hard to spell Murkowski correctly.

And I’m convinced that had the Senate stripped Murkowski of her seniority prior to the election, Joe would have been elected. So the nefarious political forces in Alaska and Washington DC combined to defeat Joe Miller (not to mention the corrupt Alaska press, most notably the Anchorage Daily News and Alaska Dispatch).

My primary takeaway from the election is how far our country has strayed from our founding, and how most of the country believes the government is their daddy, right besides the notion that rich people are by definition evil. This was played out across the nation in places like California, Alaska, and Nevada. In addition, the corruption that is ignored is mind-boggling. No one would pick up our story in Alaska, so that was frustrating. The corruption I refer to wasn’t so much at the voting booth (although no doubt there was some), but more on the Alaska Native Corporations and their stranglehold on the Natives, Murkowski, and the Alaska Mafia.

But there is a big difference in this apparent defeat and from the disheartening loss just two years ago. The difference is that America really has woken up, and the significant gains from this recent election will be built upon in 2012, with Sarah being the primary spark, in my opinion, in waking up America.

What’s next for me ? Well, politics and Alaska are in my blood, although Alaska is in my travel plans only from May through November . . . I will continue to support Joe directly as needed, and Sarah indirectly in the work ahead. There is no option.

What’s next for Joe ? Joe will continue to fight, no doubt. But what form that takes remains to be seen.

Thanks to C4P for your support of Joe throughout and for me during my amazing experience.

P.S. I am still happily married and gainfully employed.

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