Jim Meyer: Sarah Palin vs. the GOP Elites

Via Jim Meyer at Red Country:

Governor Palin is a true American “everywoman”. While she may not have been “born in a log cabin”, and her upbringing may not exactly qualify as “hardscrabble”; Sarah Louise Heath Palin nevertheless comes from about as ordinary–and as quintessentially American–a background as anyone can possibly come from; her having grown up in a truly remarkable place like Alaska notwithstanding. Sarah Heath wasn’t born into a wealthy or privileged family. She didn’t attend elite prep schools or Ivy League colleges. And in Todd Palin, she didn’t marry a rich and powerful doctor, lawyer, banker, politician or captain of industry who himself was the scion of a wealthy or privileged family.

At its core, Sarah Palin’s life has been one of following her own unique and personalized path, which, when you get right down to cases, is what America and being an American is really all about. Pursuing excellence as you define it for yourself and achieving it without looking to others–and especially the government–to pave and pay the way for it.

The elitist know-it-alls–both leftist and alleged conservative–who bash Governor Palin do so primarily because she’s a decided non-elite who has never done anything in her life or her political career the way THEY think it should be done. She didn’t obey THEIR rules. She didn’t follow THEIR formula. She didn’t paint by THEIR numbers. She didn’t do things THEIR way, and yet she has succeeded anyhow.

Governor Palin’s continuing story of personal success totally perplexes and frustrates elitist snobs on both ends of the political spectrum. And they react to her the way all arrogant, conceited and narrow-minded people do when confronted with someone they don’t understand and can’t tolerate: By attacking her.


For the record, I categorically reject the premise that Governor Palin is “unelectable”. At this point in time, that’s simply impossible to know, and those who claim without equivocation that Governor Palin is “unelectable” do not KNOW this to be true as much as they HOPE that it’s true.

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