Monday Evening Open Thread

“I believe that her tone will simply be in reaching out to a commonsense independent-minded people because essentially she doesn’t see herself as a partisan,” Palin aide Rebecca Mansour told RealClearPolitics last month in forecasting the former Alaska governor’s potential campaign pitch. “She’s not interested in party politics, but she’s interested in good ideas.”

On Palin’s Reading List, C.S. Lewis

Palin’s Vindication

-Varney and company at the Fox Business Network talk about Sarah Palin’s Alaska towards the end of this clip. (h/t Jim)

Obama, Palin Face-Off in Archie Comics

-I’m in the same boat as Todd when it comes to fashion being above my pay grade but she was rated as one of the best-dressed Republicans in 2010.

Michelle Obama on Deciding What Kids Eat: ‘We Can’t Just Leave it Up to The Parents’

Romney’s Conservative Problem. Keep in mind that it’s not as if he’s only struggling with conservatives in “red” states. Six of the eight states polled were states won by Barack Obama and the other two were close races. So if he’s losing easily to Palin among conservatives in states won by Obama, he’s going to be down by a much greater margin among conservatives to Palin in states that her ticket won in 2008.

-I think this is a bad move for Michele Bachmann if she’s planning on it.

So what else is going on today?

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