Obama Bombs on Mythbusters/Open Thread

Welcome back everyone. What’s going on today? Here’s the news:

-Obama completely bombed on Mythbusters as only 2.2 million people tuned in to watch him. Around 1.9 million watch that show the previous week. So Obama could only add an anemic 300,000 to the viewing audience. Meanwhile, his current book, along with his last two books, have completely bombed as well.

-Jay Newton-Small from TIME notes that “the book she recommended in an interview with Barbara Walters last night, Confessions of an All-Night Runner, went from No. 13,086 to No. 4,764 on Amazon’s most read list overnight” and that she’s focusing more on her “serious side.”

-Greta provides a preview of what’ll she be doing with Governor Palin in Haiti.Here’s what is going on in Haiti at the moment. They are headed out tomorrow.

Governor Palin and Cubachi respond to Richard Wolffe’s attack on C.S. Lewis.

Aaron Sorkin: clueless Hypocrite who is uninformed about hunting, livestock farms and slaughterhouses

-Aaron Goldstein responds to David Zurawik’s incoherent and rambling attack on Governor Palin.

-This news may provide you with more comfort about this week’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska. The Governor alludes to this in her preview of the episode.

-Here’s the breakdown thus far of the 2012 Republican Delegate Allocation.

PalinTV and Organize4Palin are still down. But SarahPAC is back up and running. You can make a donation to her PAC here.

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