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Thank you to everyone who has helped us with the costs that we incurred because our site was hacked during the transition from Blogger to WordPress. We are pretty close to hitting our goal. If you are able to and want to make a contribution, we’d greatly appreciate it. Here is where you can make a contribution. In any event, here’s the news:

-Her interview with Robin Roberts will air tomorrow on Good Morning America and tomorrow on Nightline.

-She has a book signing at the Anchorage Costco on Saturday.

-People Magazine named her the “Big Gun” of 2010 in a special edition that will be released tomorrow.

-Far-left liberal Taylor Marsh says that Governor Palin should have been TIME’s person of the year.

Political analyst: Advantage to Palin in 2012

Sarah Palin vs. the Kennedy Legacy

-Even Yahoo news concedes that “Palin got the last laugh, having boosted multiple candidates to wins across the country, and she remains prominent on the short list of potential list of GOP presidential contenders 2012.”

Dan Riehl on Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Cubachi on the latest from Meghan McCain.

What else is going on today?

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