Organize4Palin Now Restored, New C4P Site Will Be Restored Shortly

Both PalinTV and Organize4Palin have now been fully restored. Thanks again to Tammy Bruce for her assistance in dealing with this matter. We will now proceed with restoring the New C4P site, which will go live over the Christmas weekend.

C4P, PalinTV & O4P are all operated and financed under one umbrella. Managing and running three sites of this stature is complex and obviously carries a heavy financial burden. With none of the sites having any source of income other than what the editors have contributed, as reluctant as we were do to this we had no alternative but to appeal to our readers to chip in and help us out.

We want to thank all of you who have already taken part in this effort with your generous contributions. We know that those are difficult times for everyone, this makes your contributions even more appreciative. With your help we will be able to upkeep and enhance the sites and make them even better.

The costs are running much higher than we had anticipated and we could still use any help that you can provide, If you haven’t done so yet, we would appreciate if you would consider helping us out in this one-time fund-raising effort. A donate button has been placed on the side bar of this site for the duration of this campaign, or you can contribute here.

Once again thank you all for participation and helping us lighten the load.

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