Peggy Noonan, We Forgive You

I got to tell you I’m one of those who thinks Palin will not run and I happen to think if she runs it will not work. Her people love her, support her, watch her on TV, read her books, love to cheer her. They especially love to defend her when people like us criticize her, they will not vote [crosstalk] I’m telling you they will not vote for her they won’t vote for her for president.

After watching the above clip of Ms Noonan on Meet The Press we realized we owe Ms. Noonan an apology. We didn’t realize her condition was that bad. After the endless amount of ridiculous columns Ms Noonan has written, it should have hit us earlier, but it didn’t, and for that we apologize.

We wish Ms Noonan a speedy recovery. We are compassionate people around here and would suggest that she pay her friend Charles Krauthammer a visit. He is a great psychologist; hopefully he’ll still be able to help.

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