‘Refudiate’ And The Stupid Media / Open Thread

Apparently Sarah Palin’s Alaska is a live show. Well that’s what one can be forgiven for believing when reading the media lately. Last week Governor Palin made this comment on the show: “This in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day we should not have dessert.” This comment was reported as if the Governor made the comment last week. The media conveniently failed to mention that it was actually made six months ago as we’ve already noted here.

This week “Refuidate” is back, On Sunday night’s episode, the Governor tells Todd while driving:

“Yesterday I twittered the word refudiate instead of repudiate I pressed an ‘F’ instead of a ‘P’ and people freaked out.”

It appears the media is all freaked out again. Now they are reporting it as if the Governor rolled out of bed on Sunday and decided to correct some record. If you read the reports you’ll notice all of them again conveniently leaving out the word “Yesterday” making the reports sound as if the Governor actually did say it yesterday.

The Washington Post went as far as fact checking the Governors keyboard noting that:

“It is perhaps worth noting that the “F” and “P” keys on a QWERTY keyboard are not near each other”.

I may have watched a different version of the show, maybe I don’t get the live one, because in my version the Governor was just clarifying the difference between the two words she wasn’t trying to explain a mistake or a typo. The media is also trying to prove that the Governor lied or something noting that she first used the word a couple of weeks earlier on Hannity. Again in my version of the show the Governor doesn’t say anything about this being the first time she used the word.  Makes you wonder how stupid people in the media really are these days. On second thought, They really are stupid

It should be noted that when the Governor made the comment on the show six month ago, although she was aware that it had already become the second most searched word on Google, it’s reasonable to assume that at the time little did she know how it would turn into an international debate, much less that it would end up as the word of the year and make it’s way into the New Oxford American Dictionary.

There you go that’s’ the top story of the day

Other than that this is what I have:

Palin knows that culture is predictive of politics and Hollywood moves culture.  Therefore, as the country revolted against Obama Progressives and shifted dramatically rightward, the one remaining liberal stronghold standing in the way of a pure conservative revolution is the puppet master of culture — Hollywood.  Sarah brought scissors to the theatre and she is challenging the master. Snip, snip, snip and it is done.

Palin would fix mess

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