Sarah Palin’s Alaska-Episode Four Open Thread

The fourth episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska is tonight at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST on TLC. Here’s the TLC promo for the episode and here’s a preview. TLC is also hosting a pre-show podcast at 8 PM EST featuring “Ted Nugent, Grover Norquist, Sarah Palin’s dad, Chuck Heath Sr., a hunting expert from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and Sue Aikens, an amazing woman we meet tonight on Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Remember to call in for the post-show podcast at (323) 792-2931. In any event, here’s the news for the day:

-In case you missed it, Bristol has responded to Margaret Cho. Chris Barron from GOProud tweets that “Bristol Palin makes the case that limited govt is good for everyone and the gay left screams “bigot”. So freaking pathetic.

-TIME Magazine: “Back to the Future: Sarah Palin’s Restoration

Plymouth Rock Tea Party founder Lisa Martin says her distaste for Romneycare has forced her to consider other potential candidates, such as Sarah Palin

-Mike Poterma from the National Review challenges the “Rumblings of Discontent — on Palin.”

The Press Continues to Lie About Palin’s “Death Panels” Comment

-Cubachi mocks NBC News for suggesting that #28 is better than #4.

-Melissa Clouthier reviews America By Heart.

-Joe Miller has an op-ed in the Washington Times. C4P regular Bill in Baltimore lays Miller’s path to victory.

-Carly Fiorina Said To Be Looking At Run For Chairman of California GOP

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