Shock – BBC Thinks Gov Palin Is Worth Watching…

Naturally the BBC, like many other news organisations, likes to use the end of the year to make predict possible story lines for the forthcoming year. Seeing that our old friend Allahpundit used the recent CNN poll to rehash his regular monthly “Palin on way out” traffic bait (picked up by Telegraph hack Toby Harnden….surprise,surprise) and that neither of them deemed it worthy to notice the questionable nature of the conclusions drawn (from 1000 adults rather than registered voters..) I thought it might be interesting to look at some BBC crystal gazing for 2011.

Now the left leaning Beeb has never been a particular friend of Gov Palin but it has been less sniffy than the right wing Telegraph and Mail. So it was quite enlightening to see that of the five BBC correspondents who offered their predictions three of them, Stephen Sackur, Mark Mardell and Paul Mason mentioned her name as if she were a canny politician who has the potential to be considered a serious contender for the White House.

See what they said here – it’s not earth shattering but there is almost an element of respect.

Could it be that they didn’t get the memo from Politico?

BTW….Happy New Year to all you rabid Palinistas from your friend across the pond….

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