So What Else is Going to Happen in 2011?/Open Thread

The only question in our 2011 predictions contest was when and where Governor Palin would announce whether she is running for the presidency. But what else do you predict will happen in 2011 besides when and where Palin announces that she’s either running or not? Here are my predictions for 2011 in the world of sports, tv, and politics.

Sports: The Los Angeles Lakers “three-peat” by defeating the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. Dirk Nowitzki will win his second MVP award. The NBA will avoid a lockout. Tiger Woods will win a major next season. The Patiots will not win the Super Bowl.

TV: Piers Morgan will be a hit. Someone on MSNBC will say something so crude about either Governor Palin or her children that he or she will be suspended. Greta Van Susteren’s ratings will improve dramatically. Nicolle Wallace will be removed from Fox News. Meghan McCain will unfortunately continue to be given a platform.

Politics: Governor Palin will have the “lead” in primary polling for the entire year. She will begin polling well against Barack Obama in the Fall and one scientific poll will show her leading Obama. Her favorable ratings will improve dramatically. She will be the overwhelming favorite to win Iowa, Nevada, and South Carolina by the end of the year. She will finally unseat Hillary Clinton as Gallup’s most admired woman in 2011.

Mike Huckabee will announce in August that he’s not running. Mike Pence will announce that he’s not running in February. Ron Paul will announce that he’s not running in April. Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Mitch Daniels, Rudy Guiliani, George Pataki, Haley Barbour and John Thune will all make their announcements between April-June. Herman Cain, Gary Johnson, and Rick Santorum will announce whether they are running in January or February. Rick Perry, Sean Parnell, Jan Brewer, Michele Bachmann, and Rand Paul will endorse Governor Palin. John McCain will not endorse anyone in 2011.

Barack Obama’s approval rating will continue to slide to under 40% on average and the economy will get signifcantly worse. Hillary Clinton will leave her position as Secretary of State at the beginning of the year. Barack Obama will face no credible primary challenge, though someone will bring up the possibility of Hillary Clinton pulling a Lisa Murkowski and running as a third-party independent against Obama and Governor Palin. Joe Biden and Michelle Obama will continue to be total non-entities.

Other: Sheya will continue doing a great job for this blog.

So what do you think is going to happen in 2011?

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