Star Power: Palin Takes Hollywood … And the Culture

A interesting piece with the above title by Dr. Gina Loudon appears in today’s Big Hollywood. An excerpt follows:

The liberal media relentlessly criticizes Sarah Palin for her ubiquitous media appearances from hard news punditry to pop culture appearances.   The Fox News analyst is “going Hollywood” with her latest stint in reality TV, attendance at Bristol’s Dancing with the Stars events.  Palin is everywhere.  More than any other political figure in modern history, the ever-present Palin has shown a phenomenal ability to remain relevant.  Her savvy has left her progressives hand-wringing, potential presidential opponents sniping, and everyone else in America abuzz over what she will and should do next.

Depending on your point of view, she is either a genius or opportunist.  Should a politician go anywhere near reality TV?  If you are a crusty, wing tip wearing beltway boy, the answer is obvious. If you are in Hollywood, you are jealously wondering which agent she engaged.  If you are in flyover land, you are withholding judgment.

What is clear is that Palin has tapped a connection with “real America” in a Reaganesque manner that makes any politician jealous.  She understands the culture, and she knows what it takes to keep ones name at the center of conversations.  She engenders just the right amount of criticism to keep her fans rabidly defensive.  Her detractors wind up looking like yipping, hysterical Chihuahuas with pink, spiky collars in pathetic attempts to appear menacing. Meanwhile, poli-star wannabe’s from Michael Moore to Meghan McCain are salivating as their pathetic attempts to pedal their way to relevance falls far short of what only comes naturally to Sarah Palin—Poli Super Stardom.

She has it.  They want it.  They can’t get it.  It is that simple.

The “It” is the Hollywood and new media age super stardom that tees up political success.  Reagan started the tactic.  Schwarzenegger leveraged it before he dropped the baby (California) on its head.  But only Sarah Palin has perfected it.

Read the rest of Dr. Loudon’s piece here.

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