Tammy Bruce Answers Dana Perino and Juan Williams

Tammy Bruce filled in for Laura Ingraham yesterday and answered Dana Perino’s charge that Governor Palin “lacks authenticity”:


She also had a few words for Juan Williams on her website. Obama “Merely Mimicking the Mannerisms of an Intellectual”:

Juan Williams charges that Sarah Palin is “not on same ‘intellectual stage’ as Obama”. Yeah, well, I hope not.

Barack Obama, you see, is a pretender. From a former colleague who actually likes Obama but is very forthright in his assessment of the former Community Organizer. This Obama-Isn’t-Smart-He’s-Just-Pretending revelation might interest Juan Williams and anyone else who is still swimming around in the delusion that Barry Soetoro is a genius.

Read what Obama’s former colleague had to say here.


Full interview with Epstein here.

Tammy is filling in for Laura today as well. She goes on air at 9 am ET. You can listen here.

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