Top 10 Palin Moments in 2010

Here are the moments that stood out for me in 2010 …

1. Fox News’ decision to put Governor Palin on a split screen from Wasilla for commentary while President Obama entered the house chamber for his State of the Union speech. Madame 45 handicapping Community Organizer in Chief.

2. The first ever Tea Party convention in Nashville with Governor Palin as keynote speaker, hand notes and all.

3. Governor Palin’s non-eye-rolling interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday where she more than held her own.

4. Governor Palin chastizing President Obama for inexplicably failing to meet with the CEO of BP for more than a month after the worst oil spill in U.S. history, and shortly after having the White House quickly set up a meeting.

6. More than 500,000 people showing up at the Restoring Honor rally in D.C. on Aug. 28, 2010 to hear Governor Palin and the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.

7. Buoyed by Governor Palin’s last-ditch endorsement, Christine O’Donnell’s stunning victory over Mike Castle in the Delaware Republican primary.

8. The election of Palin-endorsed Tim Scott and Allen West to Congress, the first time two Republican African Americans have served at the same time in Congress since the mid-1990s.

9. The election of 27 GOP women to Congress and governorships in the Year of the Woman, aka the Year of the Mama Grizzlies.

10. In the midterms, Republicans flip 69 seats in the house and senate and 11 governorships, as the vast majority of Governor Palin’s endorsees are victorious. Governor Palin comments on the meaning of the midterms.

What were your favorite Palin memories this year?

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