Welcome to the new C4P: Updated

NOTE: Although this site is now active, it is still in propagation mode. Over the next 24-48 hours it may still go down. Please bear with us as  we resolve all technical issues.


Well, we’re finally here! The site has been designed based on comments and suggestions we received over the past  couple of months.

You may have noticed that we got rid of the big header banner and all the side bar images this was done to speed up the loading process for people using dial up and to allow faster access from hand-held devices.


Click register on the top right of the banner that will take you to a registration form, complete the details, you will receive a confirmation email with a verification link which you will need to click to confirm you’re registration (Check your spam/junk mail folders). To upload your avatar go to conservatives4palin.com/wp-admin log on, select “Your Profile” and you will be able to upload you Avatar, crop it and resize it. When completed click Conservatives4Palin on the top left to take you to the homepage.

The four images on top represent the following:

The first image on the left will always be the latest Open Thread. With that being on top all day please now stick to topic on all other threads.

The second image will always represent the Governor’s latest Facebook post or latest interview. The final two images will represent featured posts we believe should be on top, we may sometimes use some to highlight an older post we believe should be featured. Hovering over an image will display the post title.


On the left sidebar under selected posts there are four columns as follows:

Recent Posts: This displays the 10 most recent posts, although this is displayed on the homepage this helps for browsing from one post to another from within a post without the need to return to the home page.

Editor’s Picks: Based on the idea of Hot Air’s headline section, those are news items that will generally not be displayed as a post on the homepage and are news stories the editors find interesting not related to Governor Palin.

Featured: Those are a list of Conservatives4Palin featured posts. This list contains the latest 10 featured posts. To access the full list select Categories from the menu bar and click Featured for the full list.

Comments: Will display the last 10 comments posted on the site.


This site now works on a new category system, There are 9 categories. Accessible from the menu bar:

Open Thread: For all the the Open Threads

Commentary/Editorial: For all posts by C4P contributors

Opinion: For posts from external sources where we post excerpts and link to their posts.

Governor Palin’s Posts: For the Governors Facebook posts, Op-Eds and interviews.

Palin News: For quick news items related to Governor Palin, such as upcoming events, polls. This category would also be used for news items related to her book tour and Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Current Affairs: For all non Palin related articles, such as Health Care and Economic articles etc.

Editors Pick’s: This is for the Editors Picks on the side bar, selecting this category from the categories section, will return the full archive of all those items.

Featured: The full list of featured items.

Video: All posts that contain a video will also be assigned to this category.

C4P News: For all news related to this site including C4P meet up, Money bombs etc.

Of course all posts will appear on the home page as they are posted, and you can access them by using the page navigation bar at the bottom of the home page. The category system has been introduced to help users find older posts easier. We may add categories as it becomes necessary.

This is what I have for you for now. This post will be updated with further information as it becomes necessary, it will remain on the top right of the image bar for the next couple of days. Keep checking in for updates.

Use this post for questions, comments and any technical support you need.

Last but not least, let’s take this opportunity to give a huge shout out to Sinistar and his wife, they conceived it, developed it and worked tirelessly to make a dream come to fruition. Thank you Sinistar for all your hard work.

UPDATED: Due to the transtion some verification emails were not sent. Anyone that registered within the last 24 hours has been manually verified and can now log in using the user name and password used to register.

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