We’re #19 on the List of Best Conservative Blogs/Open Thread (Update)

We’re #19. Treat this thread as the open one for the evening.

Update: Thank you to all of the contributors and our readership for helping us achieve the visibility and reputation that we have obtained in the conservative and political blogosphere. Your feedback and suggestions have always been tremendously helpful. What has united people from different walks of life is a desire to return the country to its glory days and a belief that Governor Palin is the best person to lead this country through these difficult times.

Keep in mind too that just because a contributor isn’t posting doesn’t mean that the contributor isn’t doing a lot behind the scenes. Essentially, every contributor specializes in a certain area. Some handle the policy posts, some handle the poll posts, and some handle the media posts. Others handle our technical and video issues. Even though you may not see their names on the front-page very much, the work that our technical and video team does is indispensable.

Some of you have wondered why we decided to move from Blogger to WordPress. The reason why we decided to move from Blogger to WordPress was because WordPress was better able to handle our capacity and traffic. Unfortunately, the move resulted in costs through hosting, themes, plug-ins, bandwidth, software, IT services and various other costs that we did not anticipate initially. The hacking only exacerbated the costs. We’ve been able to handle most of the unexpected costs that have arisen with our transition. However, if you can provide any help, we’d greatly appreciate it. You’ve already helped us a lot with much of the cost but any other assistance you can provide makes life that much easier. If you can make a donation, please do so here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send us an e-mail. We try our best to take every suggestion under consideration. We’re always looking for ways to improve this blog and the reason why the blog is so successful in the first place is because of our readership.

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