We’re Back!

We’re back! As most of you know, we’ve had technical issues with the transition from blogger to wordpress. We have resolved these issues but we still have to deal with the cosmetics of the site. We decided to go ahead and put the site back up as we work through fixing the cosmetics of the site because there is too much Palin news going on. For the next few days, the site will look the way it is now as we fix the themes. We’ve lost a couple of posts in order to get the site back up.

Thank you all for staying patient. If you still run into technical problems, let us know. If you have registered within the past 36 hours, you should check if your user name and password work. If not you’ll have to re-register.

Welcome back. Let us know any suggestions that you have for the new site as we put the finishing touches on the new and improved Conservatives4Palin.

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