We’re Moving to a “Dedicated Server” – UPDATED!

One reason why you see very few posts today is because we are moving to a “dedicated server.” If you don’t know what that means, join the club. But the reason why you may be having difficulties logging in and viewing the website is because the server we are on right now cannot consistently handle the traffic.

We’ve run into greater difficulties than expected with the transition from blogger to WordPress. As explained above, the server that we were expected to operate on is having difficulties handling the traffic that C4P gets on daily basis at all hours.

To ensure that this blog will not continue to run into problems, we are moving to what is known as a “dedicated server.” This server can handle the traffic. The Right Scoop, another high-traffic conservative blog, uses a “dedicated server.”

However, the server that we are moving to is a lot more expensive than the server we are on now. The editors should be able to handle most of the costs from this move and I am hesitant to ask for assistance. However, I don’t believe we have ever done a fundraiser for this blog but we really could use the help to handle some of the costs that will come with moving to a new server. Sheya has set up a paypal account for PalinTV that we will be using until we can set up our own. We appreciate any help that you can provide. Thank you for your continued patience and we hope that any issues that you had with arriving at the new site will be rectified by our move to a new server.

If the above link does not work go the the PalinTV contribute page and do it from there. Thank you

UPDATE: Shortly we will be shutting down commenting to allow us to do a full backup of the site and move it over to the new servers. This should take no longer than 30 minutes to an hour. Once we move over all issues should be resolved and the site should run flawless. (Based on hat we just paid, it better). If all works as planned there should be no downtime at all.

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