Year End Awards/Open Thread

Every blog does one of these “best of 2010” series so we might as well do one as well considering that it’s an incredibly slow news day. Here are the choices for the “best of 2010” Palin series:

Best Palin endorsee
Best Palin interview (TVRadio)
Best Palin teleprompter-free speech
Best Palin “line”
Best of Sarah Palin’s Alaska
Best “news article/media profile” about Palin
Best Palin Facebook post/tweet
Your favorite Palin/non-Palin “moment” from 2010

So what else is going on today? We talked a little bit yesterday about some of the costs we’ve incurred for the transition to WordPress. Through discussions with Tammy Bruce, we believe we’ve found a way to protect ourselves from future hacking when we eventually complete the transition. Any help that you can provide is greatly appreciated. You can make a contribution here.

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