A Letter for Governor Palin Re: Blood Libel

Submission by Rob Miller

Dear Governor Palin;

I realize that you have plenty of practice in exercising grace under fire, (it’s one of the qualities I admire about you) but the latest idiocy over your use of the term ‘blood libel’ may set even you back a bit.

You have nothing to apologize for.

As a Jew, I think your use of the term ‘blood libel’ was entirely appropriate, since it refers to false and libelous accusations of bloodshed leveled because of whom one is rather than anything they’ve actually done.

You may not be Jewish, but I would definitely say that based on how you’ve been treated since you became part of the national scene, you’re an honorary member of the Tribe as far as I’m concerned, the ‘Jew’ of American politics..just as Israel is the Jew amongst the nations.

Marc Chagall, the Jewish painter once said when asked ‘who is a Jew?’ replied: “Anyone the world treats as one.” I’ve always liked that.

I know many Christians wonder why, with their support for Jews and Israel, so many Jews respond with such ingratitude. There’s an element of pathology here, a sort of Jewish Stockholm Syndrome, as many ‘progressive’ Jews have gotten to the point where they shows signs of loyalty,identification and attachment to those who ultimately mean them no good.

This resonates today in an interesting way that many of these self-styled progressive Jews themselves are unaware of. Judaic philosophy, like Christianity stresses the individual and his or her choices,or free will as theologians term it. Marxism and socialism stresses the collective, with the individual merely a cog in the machine.

We’re known by our enemies as well as or friends. Take these people for what and whom they are and don’t be dissuaded from the path G-d has chosen for you.

Robert Miller, Tujunga California

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