Celtics Play-By-Play Guy: Governor Palin is Not Responsible for Kevin Garnett Not Playing Tonight/Open Thread

What’s going on today? Here is the news:

Rush, Rush, and more Rush.

-Center-right NY Sun: Palin’s Gold

-The Celtics play-by-play guy notes:

Kevin Garnett will NOT return tonight. FYI, He’s not being held out because he’s in the 32-player Melo trade, nor is it Sarah Palin’s fault.

-Was Peyton Manning targeted for assassination?

-Tea Party Express stands by Governor Palin.

-Bill Kristol “calls liberal criticism of Palin a ‘disgrace,’ compares to ‘McCarthyism.'”

-If I set up a fake twitter account for Track Palin, can I get my name in Mediaite?

-Just hilarious: What David Frum Needed To Say After Giffords’ Shooting

Backlash Mounts Over Biased Coverage of Arizona Tragedy

-As for Intrade, you can thank the MSM. Get ready for the “turning point” narrative.

I’m cheering for Auburn tonight because I’m a bitter Husky.

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