Charles Krauthammer Is Not Qualified To Talk About Governor Palin

When I was growing up, my parents taught me that if you want people to think you’re smart, just shut up. They didn’t encourage me to shut up completely – maybe they should have – but the lesson was: never talk about things you know nothing about and people might think you’re smart.

I am not a psychiatrist, I never studied psychology, and frankly speaking, I really don’t understand it. For that reason, you’ll never hear me talk psychology. So whenever I mingle in a room with a psychologist, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear people asking about me: “hey who’s that smart psychologist that doesn’t seem to talk much?”

For several years now, the elites have been trying to fool us in believing that two people, one on the left and one on the right, are very smart people. On the left, we have the President and on the right, we have Charles Krauthammer. We are being led to believe how smart they are but if we’ve learned anything in the past year, it is that both of them may be a lot of things but smart isn’t one of them. Both appear not to have learned this lesson: if you want people to think you’re smart just shut up.

In July 2009, in trying to defend Henry Louis Gates, President Obama started out by saying that he didn’t know the situation and that he hasn’t seen all the facts and yet in the same breath, he went on to accuse the Cambridge police of being stupid. If the President was really as smart as we are led to believe, he would have just done what smart people do: shut up!

This brings me to Mr. Smarty Pants Charles Krauthammer. Yes I call him Mr. Smarty Pants because that’s all Mr. Krauthammer is. Anyone that can go on a marathon degrading someone he knows nothing about is anything but smart.

For a while now, Charles Krauthammer has been expressing his opinions about Governor Palin. Those include telling the Governor to go study up and suggesting that she’s not qualified to be president.

Mr. Krauthammer suggested that when Katie Couric asked Governor Palin what she reads, it was a fair question. Well Mr. Krauthammer, if it was fair to ask Governor Palin what it is she reads, it is only fair I ask you the same question. What do you read? Have you ever read anything Governor Palin wrote before you went on national television questioning her gravitas or qualifications? Of course you haven’t, because if you claim you have, then you’d be guilty of plagiarism.

In August 2009 Mr. Krauthammer wrote a column where he started off by asking Governor Palin to leave the room. Then he spent the rest of the article writing exactly what Governor Palin wrote just days before.

On the night of President Obama’s 2010 State of the Union speech, Governor Palin was on Fox News reacting to the speech. The next night, Mr. Krauthammer was on Special Report essentially repeating Governor Palin word by word.

Either Mr. Krauthammer never reads Governor Palin’s columns, in which case by his standards he is as stupid as she is, or he just plagiarizes her every word.

If Mr. Krauthammer had actually read anything by Governor Palin, he would know that Governor Palin has covered every single topic and issue facing the country.

Does Charles ask the same questions about Governor Palin’s potential 2012 rivals? You know the ones he so admires and believes are more qualified to take on President Obama? Have any of those weighed in on as many issues as Governor Palin? If so, can he point them to me? Maybe I missed them. That may actually explain why Mr. Krauthammer prefers them to Governor Palin. It’s much easier just to read one or two op-eds a year by someone than to read the writings of someone every day.

Ever since President Clinton noted how “smart” Mr. Krauthammer is, Charles has been bending over backwards to appease the left. Lately he’s been going as far as praising President Obamas’ intelligence. Of course he would praise his peer on the left, sort of an “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch my back” deal.

There are a lot of things Charles Krauthammer is more qualified to talk about than I am and for those things I don’t understand, I do the smart thing and do not involve myself in them. When it comes to Governor Palin, I would take on Mr. Krauthammer every day of the week. Until he studies up on Governor Palin’s writings and positions, Mr. Krauthammer should just shut up and maybe once again people will be fooled to believe that he’s as smart as we are led to believe. In the meantime, when it comes to Governor Palin, Charles Krauthammer should do the smart thing: leave the room or just shut up. Otherwise he is either just stupid or simply a plagiarizer.

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