Christopher Chantrill: That Disdain for Palin

A thoughtful piece at today’s American Thinker in which Christopher Chantrill explores the class-based opposition to Governor Palin:

Now that the left’s McCarthyite attack on Sarah Palin has subsided, she merely has to suffer the disdain of the intellectual elite.  Even James Taranto, admitted high-school dropout, damns her with faint praise.

This is nothing new.  The nostrils of the educated class have always twitched at populist conservative candidates for president.  Voters of a certain age will remember the disdain for Candidate Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan?  Of course Ronald Reagan.  Back in the 1970s, Ronald Reagan was a wild-eyed right-wing conservative who could never be elected president.  So a young conservative like me, already a devotee of Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek, went to my local precinct caucus in Washington State in early 1980 as a Bush supporter.  Bush was more electable, you see.

At the precinct caucus I discovered something that changed my mind.  In the Bush corner with me was a nice older couple.  But across the room were the unwashed folks in the Reagan corner.  They looked like technicians and construction guys, and they looked like they ought to be Democrats.  And there were a lot of them.  Ah ha, I thought.  Something is afoot in America. So I switched to the Reagan side in that caucus and lived happily ever after.

Read Chantrill’s entire piece here.

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