Democrats and Media are not Sarah Palin’s Biggest Problem

Submission by Jim Johnson:

Okay, the dust has settled and even rank-and-file democrats know that Sarah Palin and others on the right had nothing to do with the massacre in Tucson on January 8, 2011. Yet we know the attacks on Palin won’t stop. We get that. Thank you media, for detailing for us how irrelevant she is by taking the only meaningful statement on the matter – a 7+ minute video and text message – and reducing it to a record breaking two-word sound bite. Priceless. But some of us also know there only one reason the media and the left can continue this fruitless line of attack – which exposes Palin biggest problem.As Americans, we see who the real leaders are – and who are the dividers. Despite all the hand-ringing about the ‘blood-libel’ the media has been engaged in, I saw no one – from either side of the political isle – disagree on point with anything Palin actually said. And anyone who dares say that Mr. Obama echoed her exact sentiments in his speech later (i.e putting the blame on the shooter – and not others) would be considered ‘blasphemous’ in most political circles.

Newsflash to America: There is a presidential election coming up in 2012. The left and their media cohorts didn’t go after Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Tim Pawlenty, Rudy Guliiani or even Haley Barbour (Wikileaks didn’t go after them, either). You might recognize these well-known people as potential GOP candidates for that office. Yet, they targeted that irrelevant, stupid, mean, quitter, who is 80 million points behind Obama, and whose unfavorable ratings are so high that she might as well to go to Russia to verify that she can really see her house from there.

Did I get it all in there? Need I go on? Need I explain? Okay, for the few of you reading this and don’t get it, here it is in a nut shell:

Sarah L. Palin is not a mere person, nor is she a god. She is the defacto face of the American Political Revolution, the Silent Majority, the ‘Great American Unwashed’, the Tax Paying Majority, and yes – the Tea Party. Her Facebook page carries more gravitas and is more effective than Obama entire communications team (including his teleprompter). A mere utterance from her can change the entire news cycle nationwide (Obama can’t even do that at times). She is the greatest threat to the Washington, D.C. establishment since 1812, the top Republican fund raiser, the top insult to political-correctness, and to a growing number of Americans, a constant reminder of the mistake that was made in November of 2008.

To some, having Sarah Palin at a podium debating Obama in 2012 is more of a threat than a nuclear missile standoff with China and Russia combined. Hence, she (and those who follow her) must be destroyed. And with that said, her greatest problem may come as a shock to some, but should be exposed and addressed now:

The Republicans.

Throughout all these attacks, especially in this last week, the silence of all but a few republicans has been deafening. The attacks against Palin this week probably would not have lasted more than 24 hours, if the GOP had to guts (or the will) to step up to the plate and defend the most popular figure in their party (not to mention the one who help them win back the House). No, there has been very little defense. In fact, we can always be sure that some soft republican hack will give the media a sound bite that will go viral against Sarah Palin knowing full well that any negative opinion about her will be the headline of the next hit-piece on her.

Surely her name was brought up frequently at the GOP weekend retreat of the January 15 weekend. One wonders how many there may suspect what we already know: If they get rid of Sarah, how long before the left/media turn their guns on the next GOP threat? And since no one wants to be that person, let them expend all their ammo on Sarah, right?

Wrong. Look at the Democrats. You attack one – it’s like attacking all of them. They rarely speak ill of another democrat – if at all. On the other hand, republicans will throw one of their own into a live volcano at the drop of the hat (or one drop of ink from the New York Times) The GOP has this critically bad habit of allowing the left and the media to dictate the rules of engagement. Those attacked after the Tucson shootings are the ones who don’t play by those rules. Sarah is the most notable and effective among them.

The D.C. elite (including republicans) have yet to come to terms with the reality that Americans are fed up with the way government works only for itself, and not the people who pay the bills. Those of us between Interstates 5 and 95 see what is happening to our country and are determined to make a better future than the one predicted for our posterity. As the GOP exalts their new Chairman, no doubt his first mission will be fund raising. But like is predecessor, he will have to find a way to steer campaign donations back to the RNC and away from and others helping good republican win seats in Washington as well as the states. And to do this, he will have to allow to attacks on Sarah Palin to go un-answered in mass by the GOP, hoping that her followers will loose faith in her, and not them.

…good luck with that.

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