Dick Durbin and the Democrats’ Double Standard

Illinois Senator and Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin appeared on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday to discuss the shooting in Arizona. He used this opportunity to blame Governor Palin for what he deems “toxic rhetoric”:

We live in a world of violent images and violent words, but those of us in public life and the journalists who cover us, should be thoughtful in response to this and try to bring down the rhetoric, which I’m afraid has become pervasive in our discussion of political issues. The phrase ‘don’t retreat, reload’ – putting crosshairs on congressional districts as targets – these sorts of things I think invite the kind of toxic rhetoric that can lead unstable people to believe this is an acceptable response.

As you can see in this video clip above, CNN’s Candy Crowley takes it upon herself to clarify that Durbin wasn’t implying that Governor Palin was culpable in the shootings, further evidence of the Shame and Hypocrisy of America’s “most trusted name in news”. Thankfully, Senator Alexander defends Governor Palin and the media’s insinuating rhetoric, but I digress.

Since Senator Durbin is opposed to “toxic rhetoric”, he should hold to that standard himself. He has not. In 2007, he compared US troops to Nazis, Soviet gulags, and the Cambodian Communist dictator, Pol Pot:

In 2010, following an Education hearing, Durbin insulted a student (and war veteran) who was wearing an Illinois Institute of Art, Schaumburg (IIAS) shirt and was protesting outside. This educational institution was a for profit institution, and Durbin,like most liberals, felt the need to demonize any segment of any industry that seeks to make a profit. Durbin’s response to the student?: “I don’t give a tick s— about ILIS”. How’s that for non-toxic rhetoric?

What about putting symbols on maps? Immediately following the 2004 election, the Democratic Leadership Council put targets on 9 states that President Bush won by single digits. As you can see in the caption, it says, ” behind enemy lines” and in the heading, it says, “Targeting Strategy”.

Durbin was about to begin his third term as Illinois Senator and less than a month after this map was released, Durbin became part of the Democratic leadership as the Minority Whip . Did he show leadership to denounce such “toxic rhetoric” or “violent images”? Of course not.

Durbin just goes to prove, as so many others have, that if it weren’t for double standards, most liberals wouldn’t have standards.

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