Does Politico Realize that Even People Favorable to Pawlenty Are Conceding He “Failed the 2012 Test”

Politico writes the following about Tim Pawlenty’s response to the tragedy in Tucson and Governor Palin:

Perhaps, surprisingly, it is Pawlenty, the mild-mannered former Minnesota governor, who has arguably come out looking the best….As rhetorical slaps go, it was a gentle one, but it allowed Pawlenty to subtly differentiate himself from his better-known, more polarizing potential competitor. And he navigated the narrow passage between a full-throated defense of Palin’s confrontational tactics and a sharp criticism that might have alienated her legion of conservative supporters.

It’s clear that Politico hasn’t read Powerline, a center-right blog that is generally favorable to Tim Pawlenty. They have concluded the following about Pawlenty’s response:

Any putative conservative leader who doesn’t understand the Krugmania of the past three days needs to take a time out and get a clue. When asked about Sarah Palin’s map in this context conservative leaders need to condemn the question as a bloody outrage.

In my view, Tim Pawlenty failed the test today….

Well, bully for you. I guess you are too sensitive to use a martial metaphor (if that is what it was) in a political context. Or you are too smart to employ a metaphor that could be turned against you in the event of an attempted assassination with respect to which liberals falsely seek to impute responsibility to conservatives. That’s awfully smart.

But speaking only for myself, I would prefer a conservative leader who has the courage to stand and tell the MSM that he understands their game and they can shove it.

If Powerline has this reaction, one can only imagine how Republicans who are not as favorably inclined towards Pawlenty as Powerline feel about his antics.

Even though she could have, Governor Palin never criticized Pawlenty for this painful metaphor.

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