Even Liberal Glynnis MacNicol Effectively Concedes that Her Democrat Party Colleagues are Pursuing a False Narrative

The Democrat Party’s desperation is a sight to behold. When evidence surfarced that the gunman was an unstable liberal, the left decided to pursue another narrative. The narrative was that Governor Palin somehow admitted guilt by scrubbing her website of the post that highlighted Congresswoman Giffords’ vote for Obamacare. This narrative is completely false as Governor Palin has not scrubbed her website of anything.

Even Liberal Glynnis MacNicol concedes that her Democrat Party colleagues are lying:

There appears to be a great deal of confusion on Twitter regarding whether Sarah Palin has deleted her original ‘Don’t Retreat, RELOAD’ tweet and corresponding Facebook note, the latter of which includes a crosshairs map of Dem districts including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

To be clear: She had deleted neither.

Her ‘Reload’ tweet is still in her feed, and the Facebook note can be found here.

Furthermore, Rebecca Mansour, founder of Conservatives4Palin.com, notes that the Take Back the Twenty site, which some people have noted has been scrubbed of the crosshairs map and mention of Gifford, is “no longer relevant now that the election is over.”

Expect the left to now push the narrative that Governor Palin is being insensitive for not scrubbing her website even though pursuit of such a narrative completely contradicts the prior narrative that Palin somehow admitted guilt by scrubbing her website.

In any event, the reason why Governor Palin didn’t scrub her website is because this story is not about her. This story is about a mentally unstable individual who committed mass murder.

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