Even the Daily Kos Pollster Shows Obama’s Unfavorable Rating at 49%/Open Thread

What’s going on today? Congrats to the Auburn Tigers. Here’s the news:

-Remember the Democrat Party narrative that people like Obama personally but only disapprove of his policies while they don’t like Palin personally? The evidence that liberals cite in support of such a narrative consisted of favorable/unfavorable ratings. Unfortunately for the man who engaged in a land transaction with convicted felon Tony Rezko, even the Daily Kos pollster shows that his unfavorable rating is 49% among registered voters in a sample that is very favorable to him demographically.

-Reverend Franklin Graham defends Governor Palin.

Liberals take a page from the Westboro Baptist songbook

-Pawlenty is already losing potential supporters

Rush and more Rush.

Rich Lowry:

Palin’s martial imagery wasn’t just innocuous, it was a tattered cliché. American politics runs on metaphors drawn from war, and has at least since the 19th century. What journalist didn’t write about “targeted” districts or candidates in the last midterm election? Why do we say “campaign” and “rank and file,” or refer to “battles” and “war rooms”? None of this has ever before been taken as an incitement to violence.

Why Blame Photos of Political Figures Holding Guns?

Prediction: Those pushing the narrative that Palin is somehow not showing leadership by remaining relatively quiet will then push a contradictory narrative that she is somehow exploiting the tragedy if/when she speaks out on the controversy.

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