Governor Palin Speaks Tonight in Reno at the Annual Safari Club International Hunter’s Convention/Open Thread

I don’t think we’ll be hearing anything about her keynote address to the annual Safari Club International Hunter’s Convention in Reno tonight. It is closed to the press as was last year’s address by George W. Bush. If you come across something about what she said, let us know. In any event, here’s the news:

-This joke is getting a little too easy:

Just wondering who’s going to be the first New York Times columnist or MSNBC commentator to blame the chaos in Egypt on Sarah Palin.

-Liberals continue to use “eliminationist rhetoric” against Governor Palin.

-Good news: Rudy Giuliani is headed to New Hamsphire.

-Giuliani also told Piers Morgan that “Palin is not polarizing for the republican party. And as for nationally, he put things into perspective with the 1980 race.” He also recalled “how many in the media and the establishment claimed Ronald Reagan was too polarizing, those claimed only George H.W. Bush or Gerald Ford could defeat Carter. Not only did Reagan defeat both of these establishment figures, he also defeated the very unpopular Jimmy Carter.”

-Congratulations to the Right Scoop for being discussed on-air by Megyn Kelly.

Washington University Bans Bristol Palin, Spreads Oppression, Bigotry and Hate

Here’s a flashback to her 2008 state-of-the-state address:

So what else is going on today?

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