Governor Palin, We Have Your Back: Three-Day SarahPAC Money Bomb

As everyone knows, a blood libel was leveled against Governor Palin last week. We don’t do this very often but in response, we’ve decided to a launch a three-day SarahPAC money bomb to let the governor know that we have her back.

I recognize some of you may be hesitant because it’s unclear whether her PAC fundraising will be important this election cycle. However, the purpose of this money bomb isn’t really to boost her numbers. Rather, the purpose of the money bomb is to remind her of the strength of the support that she has in the face of the death threats and blood libel sent her direction in the aftermath of the Tucson tragedy.

So pass along word of this three-day money bomb to anyone you know who was outraged and offended by the actions taken by Governor Palin’s opponents and the Democrat Party this past week. If you haven’t donated yet to her PAC, now would be a good time to make your first donation. The underlying mission behind this blog has always been to have the governor’s back….so let’s have her back.

You can make a donation to her PAC here.

This money bomb is an independent project by C4P and PalinTV. It is not authorized by SarahPAC or any other political PAC or organization. As noted this is just a small way for Governor Palin’s supporters to show her that we have her back.

Note: Some people have mistakenly used the donate button on the sidebar of this site to make their SarahPAC contributions. This donate button is intended for C4P/PalinTV site maintenance and development and does not go to SarahPAC. Clicking on the Money Bomb banner will direct you to the SarahPAC contribution page.

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