Governor Palin’s First Big Move In 2011 Open Thread

What do you think is going to be her first big move of 2011?

Energy: Palin vs. Obama

Palin knows what she’s talking about on oil and gas and energy issues. From 2003-2004, she was chairman of the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, and became quite well known as a corruption whistleblower there.

As governor, Palin signed the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act into law. The Act set a timeline for oil companies to get serious about transporting oil from Alaska to the lower 48 states.

Palin supports energy independence to strengthen the U.S. dollar and decrease oil prices. She stated as much on the campaign trail as vice president more than two years ago, and more recently, when stumping for conservative candidates in 2010.

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House Reads Constitution, Gets Civics Lesson

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What else is news tonight?

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