Lori Ziganto : Thoughtful, On-Target Palin Responds To Attacks; Left Loses Last Grip On Reality

Lori Ziganto, in a great piece at RedState, discusses the left’s tenuous and slipping grip on reality:

I know, my use of the term on-target makes me a vitriolic, hateful rhetoric espouser in the eyes of some. It’s not conducive to the “new tone” we are all supposed to embrace for some unfathomable and delusional reason. Of course, this new tone doesn’t apply if one is speaking about Sarah Palin, who is apparently the cause of All Bad Things Ever, in perpetuity. Even here, we are on day three of no school due to snow. In South Carolina. Does Palin’s evil reach have no bounds?!

The Left and the media, as always concentric circles on a Venn diagram, attempted for days to spin a false and odious narrative placing blame for the shooting in Tucson on Sarah Palin and everyone like her. Because, vitriol. Or something. Days of vile political opportunism, on the backs of the dead. Days of disgusting smears the likes of which I’ve never seen before in my lifetime. Days of giddily and gleefully exploiting deaths, including those of a federal judge and a nine year old child, all in an attempt to score political points and to silence and demonize those with whom they disagree.

That the facts did not support such claims even one iota meant nothing. In fact, they absolutely ignored all evidence and truths and proceeded to just make stuff up. All focused on Sarah Palin, who miraculously manages to be a dumb old chick from the sticks and the most evil person alive. She’s kind of like George W. Bush that way, I suppose. Chris Matthews went so far as to put a graphic up during his show last night with Sarah Palin’s picture, reading underneath “Silent: On The Lam.” On. The. Lam. As if some fugitive, implying that she, along with the tea party, is somehow responsible for a massacre perpetrated by a madman.

Today, Sarah Palin released a video statement. It is a thoughtful, inspiring, dead-on (violent rhetoric!) response (the full transcript can be found here):


A pitch perfect response, both from the heart and smart. Naturally, that then caused the Left to lose whatever tenuous grip they had left on reality. See, Sarah Palin was bad for being “silent and on the lam” last night. But, today, she is super icky for responding and not remaining silent. After being accused for days of having “blood on her hands” and of being responsible for the acts of a madman. Who, incidentally, apparently did not even watch nor listen to the news and, therefore, likely did not even have any knowledge of the supposedly evil cross-hairs graphic. Or anything else for that matter.  It was clear almost immediately that the left was actually upset because her response was exactly correct. Based not just on emotion – actual heartfelt emotion – but on facts and reason. Pesky old reason! That does not suit. The new “in” thing is complete fabrications, mixed with a healthy dose of utter delusion. Therefore, the smears continued, predictably.

Read her entire article here. It’s excellent. I also am compelled to point out that idiocy and a loss of grip on reality is not exclusive to the Left in this matter.  Jennifer Rubin who, presumably, still calls herself a conservative, uncorked this banal piece of, er, tripe yesterday.  In it she managed to hit all the thoroughly debunked liberal talking points about Governor Palin and, incredibly, lauded a laughably ignorant attack on Governor Palin by left-wing buffoon James Clyburn (D – SC) as authoritative.  James Clyburn? The same idiot who said Monday that reading the constitution at the opening of the current Congress contributed to the murders in Tucson?  Really, Jen?  You can’t make this up.

But trumpeting the Left’s demonstrably false narrative about Governor Palin is nothing new for Jennifer Rubin, the PDS has simply become more pronounced since her gig at the Post began.  Something in the water I guess.  You have to hand it to the Washington Post, though.  They have a gift for hiring self-described “conservatives” who, having secured employment at the Post, immediately assist in pushing the liberal narrative by attacking actual conservatives (see Kathleen Parker).   They hit the jackpot with Jen.  This is, dare I say it, vintage Rubin.

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