Marc Schenker: The Cold, Hard Truth in Political Life

Marc Schenker in the Examiner writes

The pile-on on Palin continues as now, even prominent Republicans like Dick Morris are chiming in with their two cents on Palin’s handling of the inapplicable criticism she received from the left after the Arizona shooting. In an interview, Morris was asked to analyze why the former governor’s poll numbers have fallen in a round of recent, new polls, and his answer is seemingly to blame Palin for her response to the criticism. In Morris’ viewpoint, Palin is actually to blame for her falling numbers, not the left, because she failed to appear “presidential” enough in her response.

On the O’Reilly Factor, Morris explained that Palin failed to remain “above the fray,” so to speak, when the savage left exploited the Arizona shooting to personally attack her for being at fault. The former Clinton political advisor, who was caught in a toe-sucking prostitute scandal back in 1996, said that Palin should have simply let the unjustifiable attacks on her fly without answering them. This shocking and very questionable piece of “advice” (hindsight is always 20/20, right Dick Morris?) mirrors what other members of the GOP establishment, such as Dana Perino, opined with regards to what Palin should have done.

Anyone with a working brain between their ears knows precisely that Morris’ questionable advice is a proven failure. For once, O’Reilly actually had a sensible rebuttal to Morris, as he offered the example of G. W. Bush as the ultimate example of what not to do when you are being attacked from all sides by the animalistic left. As we all should remember, Bush shrunk back, tried to supposedly appear “presidential,” and always refused to fight back when the left was dragging his name through the mud…and the left ended up winning the propaganda war! Bush left office with record-low approval numbers because the strategy of appearing “presidential” and not fighting back is a bogus scam that people with no knowledge of human psychology advocate. The rule is this: If you are attacked, you have to fight back harder, or else you will be seen as weak and the attacks from your opponents stick. That’s just the cold, hard truth in political life.

I would argue that if Morris’ advice would have been followed by Palin, and she wouldn’t have responded at all, then her numbers would have been knocked down harder and faster than they currently stand in some questionable liberal polls. O’Reilly (again, in rare form yesterday) had another good rebuttal to Morris when he cited Christ Christie’s example, a Republican who does open his mouth and fight back against liberal critics. His ratings are high and seemingly not affected by the criticism due to his efforts.

As for the polls themselves, I don’t put any stock in hypothetical polls even in best of times. Until Governor Palin announces, campaigns,  and does the usual round of interviews and debates, the polls mean nothing. I would especially not put any stock in the recent polls. What’s happening now is typical of what the media does. They go on for days viciously attacking Governor Palin and accusing her of murder. Then while the story is still hot and before the American public has a chance to digest what really happened and find out the truth, they quickly run out and commission polls and push the results as if they’re a big “shocker.” Any person in their right mind would expect the polls to not be very favorable to the Governor at that moment. They do this only to manipulate people’s minds further and to discourage her supporters with the argument of “see we told you she’s unelectable.”

Yesterday we posted some news coming out from Iowa. Governor Palin is not backing down. On the contrary, all of this will only make her stronger. Let the campaign begin; we’ll see then who will get the last laugh.

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