Mike Metroulas : Is Palin Done? They Wish

Via Mike Metroulas at Big Journalism:

Sarah Palin’s detractors in the media are certainly prone to wishful thinking concerning the Cuda’s potential as the Republican nominee in 2012.  Since Palin’s statement on the Tucson tragedy, some have written her off as a serious contender for the Republican nomination. Doyle McManus states in the LA Times that:

…she’s not going to be her party’s presidential nominee.

I disagree, Mr. McManus. As of now, if she wants it, it is hers. Of course, that may change, but a Palin run for the nomination would unleash a grassroots fury of support unseen on the right for a Republican presidential nominee in recent memory, and her detractors know it. Why else would much of the mainstream media be scrambling so often to convince independents that Palin isn’t viable? Plus, many of these people just do not like Palin and what she stands for, which is a pragmatic, principled view of government and fierce American individualism. Mainstream media types generally prefer theorizing about complex strategies and solutions to problems that were most likely created by over-theorizing in the first place. It’s how they were trained in academia and sometimes they just can’t help it. However, life isn’t complicated, and Sarah Palin knows it.

Many in the media focused on Palin’s use of the term “blood libel” and the logic she used to condemn those in the media who tied her to the grisly Tucson massacre. She was trying to have it both ways, they said, by claiming it was impossible to tie the Tucson shooter’s actions to political rhetoric but at the same time accusing her detractors of encouraging hatred and violence through their rhetoric. On the surface, it sounds like a solid argument against her, only those who were quick to jump all over Palin were operating under a severe misunderstanding. Her logic was rock solid, and their reasoning used to dismiss her was woefully flawed.


The core question I’d like answered is this: What is the purpose of this witch hunt if it’s not to rile people up against Sarah Palin? If she’s so damn irrelevant, then this effort can’t be political, can it? Lambasting her on national television, saying she is responsible for murder is inexcusable and it’s personal. Even so, if some whack job did take something Keith Olbermann spat out one night while in one of his hysterical fits and acted on it, Olby would not be culpable. Sarah Palin would agree with this, even if she knew that the person was influenced by Olbermann’s rhetoric. By the standard created for Palin in the Tucson case, Olbermann would be responsible. The problem, of course, is that the standard is completely bogus to begin with, a mere attempt to destroy Palin, with no basis in fact whatsoever. That’s where the “purport” comes into play in Palin’s statement; it’s all a hypocritical, theoretical lie. Did Palin talk about how evil Giffords is? No. Did she call Giffords the “Worst Person in the World” or say she was an accessory to murder? Why didn’t the media go after Chris Matthews or Olbermann or Ed Schultz? Aren’t they pretty abrasive?


This proxy war she’s waged with the mainstream media over the last year or so is a shrewd move. Not only does it keep her name front and center in the media, but she’s also honing her rhetorical chops while boning up on all her policy behind the scenes. The real battles don’t take place for quite some time and she knows it. Any rumor of her demise is premature, especially considering her trademark tenacity. She’s laying deep down in the weeds, ready to strike.

Read the whole thing. It’s great.

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