Obama Turns ‘Memorial’ Into Campaign Event, Margaret Carlson Calls Governor Palin Narcissistic

More nuttery from the delusional, PDS afflicted Margaret Carlson, who was one of the mental midgets who claimed Governor Palin was responsible for the GOP’s failure to take the Senate. In Carlson’s latest installment of buffoonery at Bloomberg, she claims, incredibly, that Governor Palin’s video response yesterday was, brace yourselves, narcissistic:

Ponder the narcissism required for Palin to place herself at the center of the narrative, and with such incendiary language.

This is absurd on so many levels that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Palin “placed herself” at the center of the narrative? Huh? No, Mags, she was placed at the center by left-wing morons in the media like yourself who tried to assign blame to her for the actions of a mass murderer in Tucson, a point I made yesterday when two ABC reporters of similar intellectual prowess made the same charge. How does objecting to these ludicrous accusations equate to placing herself in the middle of an event into which she, through no fault or desire of her own, had already been placed? When Carlson’s uses the term narcissism to describe Governor Palin’s calm and measured response to the aforementioned charges of complicity to mass murder (which has resulted in death threats to Governor Palin and her family), I can only conclude that senility has resulted in Carlson’s inability to ascertain what the word means.

Perhaps I can help. Narcissism is turning what was supposed to be a memorial into a 35 minute political speech. Reagan, in stark contrast, spoke for just over 4 minutes when he memorialized the astronauts who lost their lives in the Challenger disaster. Even the loquacious Bill Clinton only spoke for 9 minutes at the Oklahoma City bombing memorial. Narcissism is exploiting the Tucson shootings by turning a memorial into an exercise in self adulation, complete with 53 interruptions for applause by a partisan crowd who actually booed the sitting Governor of the state, Jan Brewer. I’ve been to several memorials and can’t recall anything quite like that ever occurring.

Unveiling his new 2012 campaign slogan and handing out t-shirts at what was should have been a solemn occasion to honor those killed and wounded last Saturday may or may not be narcissistic, but it’s certainly rank political opportunism. Apparently Team Obama decided that they needed to dispose of their vapid “Hope and Change” slogan from 2008 and exchange it for the equally vapid, “Together We Thrive“, and the scene of a mass murder was the appropriate venue to introduce it. The only thing missing from last night’s farce was the obligatory balloon drop at the end.  Can anyone imagine Ronald Reagan turning the Challenger incident into a campaign event and handing out t-shirts and other campaign trinkets?  I know I can’t. Anyway, Mags, there was plenty of narcissism on display yesterday, but it didn’t emanate from Sarah Palin.

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