Obama’s Cousin: “Mrs. Palin indeed was right.”

Dr. Milton Wolf is Obama’s second cousin. He’s also been vocal about his opposition to Obamacare. Here’s his latest op-ed in the Washington Times“Lies, Damn Lies, and Death Panels”:

The liberal intelligentsia, prisoners of their own conditioned reflex response, mocked Sarah Palin when she warned America in a Facebook post of the Obamacare death panels. The excitable Keith Olbermann even crowned it a 2009 “Lie of the Year.” Specifically, the ex-governor of Alaska referred to the Advance Care Planning Consultation provision in the Affordable Care Act, Section 1233 of H.R. 3200, which specifically called to pay doctors to discuss – some say encourage – withholding end-of-life care with their elderly patients once every five years. The White House denied impropriety but removed the provision when fellow Democrats balked. Only then did the bill pass by a single vote.

The liberal talking class continued to mock Mrs. Palin and her supposedly mythical death panels, that is, until liberal icon and former Enron adviser Paul Krugman let the cat out of the bag that death panels are indeed a reality and, in his ghoulish vision, killing off senior citizens and taxing the survivors is a solution to America’s debt problem: “Some years down the pike, we’re going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death panels and sales taxes.” This gives a chilling new meaning to death and taxes. Suddenly the inharmonious left fell silent.


Governor Palin made it clear when she first wrote about this issue that the “death panels” term applies to more than just a provision for end of life counseling encouraged by a government keen on cutting costs. That was only one example and part of a much bigger picture.

Dr. Wolf goes on:

The Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research, in fact, was sneaked into the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – the stimulus bill, of all places. It empowered the government to decide what conditions were hopeless and therefore would be left untreated. (Gee, I sure hope your mom doesn’t get one of those.) Obamacare gives even wider latitude to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Department of Health and Human Services and even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to determine what care will be made available.


Just as troubling, death panels exist elsewhere. The FDA’s role in pharmaceuticals was limited initially to safety, but expanded decades ago to policing efficacy, a move that delayed and prohibited lifesaving pharmaceutical approval with, quite literally, incalculable resultant deaths and suffering. And now FDA has gone even further, crossing an alarming moral line. For the first time in our history, the government has banned the use of a cancer drug based not on its safety or even efficacy, but on its financial cost. Just this month, the FDA revoked approval of Avastin to late-stage breast-cancer patients, dashing many women’s final and desperate hope for life….

Promises from the White House notwithstanding, Mrs. Palin indeed was right. Death panels are all too real, and no family deserves to be caught up in them.

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Dr. Wolf answers some of the criticisms of his column on his website.

An excerpt from a speech given by Dr. Wolf this last October:

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