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What’s going on today? As a bitter Seahawk fan, I’m predicting that the Green Bay Packers will face the Steelers and the referees in the Super Bowl. In any event, here’s the news:

-Rudy Giuliani tells the National Review “I think Palin handled it fine….I think you have a right to defend yourself. I’d get pretty angry if someone accused me of being an accessory to murder. I take my reputation seriously. I think they went over the top in what they did to her.”

Bachmann’s Tardiness Irks Iowa Republicans

-Doctor Zero: “Reagan wasn’t supposed to have a chance at the Oval Office, any more than Palin does. Carter was ahead of him by double digits in early opinion polls. There was no way the reviled George Bush could retain his stolen White House against war hero John Kerry.”

Sissy Willis on Governor Palin.

Congressman Trent Franks: “If Every Person had the Respect for Innocent Life that Sarah Palin Does, We Wouldn’t Have Violence Anywhere”

-Bristol talks to Bob and Mark.

-Everyone in Indiana believes Mike Pence will not run for the presidency.

-Andrew McCarthy slams one of his fellow National Review contributors for slamming Governor Palin.

-The tweet of the week:

Long after Palin’s poll #’s rebound & the speech police get bored, we will have the last 10 days to throw in these bastards faces FOREVER.

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