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As Sheya noted earlier, Governor Palin will go On the Record tonight to respond to Obama’s State of the Union show. Personally, I thought the speech was long-winded (interminable, actually) and comically devoid of reality.  His claim to “freeze spending” is a joke.  Essentially, he raised it to an unbelievable level over the past two years and now wants to freeze it.  Senator Mike Lee of Utah aid it best:

Calling for a budget freeze when we have a $1.5 trillion deficit is like saying the fire’s under control because we aren’t pouring gas on it.

By his own admission, his plan would only save $400 billion over 10 years.  Well, even if that’s true, that amounts to an average of $40 billion per year when this year’s budget is $3.8 trillion.  That’s a whopping 1.o5% reduction.  Is he serious?  And it’s not like that 3.8 trillion budget is going to be frozen.  His spending freeze only applies to about 1/7 of the budget.  The other 6/7 of the budget will continue to grow unchecked.  Even the AP is calling BS on his budget claims. And, to top it all off, today the CBO estimated the current fiscal year’s budget at a record $1.5 trillion.  You’d think the most brilliant guy ever to walk the face of the earth would have at least a rudimentary grasp of math, no?  I look forward to Governor Palin’s assessment of Obama’s SOTU speech.

The Credibility Gap: The Governors assessment of last years SOTU, could have well been written today.

The Great One, Mark Levin, critiques last night’s SOTU speech here.

Ian is off tonight.  Here’s the news…

Josh Painter notes that WaPo buffoon Dana Milbank’s moratorium on Palin related news in February is a non-starter.

The AP reports that the Ponzi scheme known as social security will begin running permanent deficits this year, and those deficits will only accelerate as we move forward.  But not to worry, Obama excluded 6/7 of the budget from reform last night, including social security and other unsustainable entitlements.

There is a rumor out there that MSNBC is considering replacing Olby with Alec Baldwin.

In a lengthy comment in the Palin’s PAC numbers post, commentator Cuatro Cinco compares the numbers between Governor Palin’s PAC and President Obama’s.

[I]n 2006, after the election over roughly the same time period Sen Obama’s HopeFund PAC raised a bit less than Gov Palin’s 279k. His total for the post-election period in 2006 was 21k, or less than 10% of her total.

You can read the entire comment here

Thousands begin arriving in Reno to hear Governor Palin on Saturday

In conversations with neutral Republican operatives, there is a widespread belief that she begins every primary or caucus with between 20 percent and 30 percent, a vote share that in a crowded field could well be enough to deliver her wins in places like the Iowa caucuses and the South Carolina primary.

Bristol Palin considering Phoenix radio station job

If you’re Pawlenty, then, you need a way to separate yourself from the pack. So you publish a self-indulgent memoir. You release a ridiculous promotional video that looks like it was directed by Michael Bay. You are tempted to make heated rhetorical pronouncements.

Another lie debunkedLt. Dave Parker said some in Anchorage were just “rabidly anti-Palin,” adding “they will do anything to destroy the platform Sarah Palin is standing on.”

Tomorrow is Holocaust Memorial Day.

UPDATE: While we wait here are some videos of the Governors analysis of last years State of the Union:

Governor Palin on Foxnews with Bret Baier Pre-SOTU Analysis – Jan 27 2010

Governor Palin Post SOTU Analysis With Greta Van Susteren – January 27 2010

Governor Palin Post SOTU Analysis With Sean Hannity – January 27 2010

Governor Palin talks to Sean Hannity – January 28 2010

Governor Palin talks to Greta Van Susteren – January 28 2010 (The next day Charles Krauthammer pretty much repeated Governor Palin word by word)

(Note: Sheya helped with this open thread)

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