‘Pollutico’ at it Again; UPDATED: Mittens Wins

This is dumb even by Politico’s low standards. The lead story on the Democrat website at the moment is a piece by Alexander Burns attaching significance to a straw poll being held this weekend by a room full of New Hampshire pols:

An early sign of Palin’s viability in New Hampshire could come this weekend when the 493 members of the Republican State Committee vote in a straw poll for the GOP’s presidential nomination.

Burns continues by gravely quoting an anonymous “politico” who muses that Governor Palin could come in last in the inane exercise:

Several New Hampshire GOP politicos forecast that Palin’s absence from the state will catch up with her, with one predicting she would have “nothing going” and another saying they “wouldn’t be surprised if she is last.”

Note to Politico: whether she comes in first place, last place, or any other place couldn’t be more inconsequential. Straw polls are meaningless. Indeed I doubt most people outside of the Romney braintrust and, apparently, Politico, are aware of or even care about this weekend’s shindig for New Hampshire pols. Why should they? It’s just a guess, but I suspect Governor Palin has less trivial activities on which to spend her time and other resources.

A more salient question is why an obscure straw poll with zero predictive value taken more than one year from the New Hampshire Primary can generate a three page story that headlines the liberal website. The only answer I can come up with is that Politico expects Romney to win the straw poll and they can then attach some significance to Governor Palin’s “loss”. Well, I’d be shocked if Romney doesn’t win. Not only is New Hampshire one of Romney’s home states, but he has a history of burning through cash to win meaningless straw polls. I’m quite sure that the Mittster has wined and dined a sufficient number of the 493 New Hampshire pols who will be casting votes this weekend to secure the meaningless “victory”.   Hugh Hewitt is right. Politico is not a serious place to go for news.

Update: (h/t Whitney) Shocker.  Mittens wins the straw poll of New Hampshire pols, although I would have expected him to get significantly more than 35% of the 273 votes actually cast.

Exit question:  How long before the Politico piece spinning this farce as proof that Governor Palin is finished or something appears?  My guess is that they’ve already written it.  Several days ago in fact.

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