Sarah Palin and the Coward’s Song

Submission by Lee:

From the moment she first stepped foot on the national stage in August 2008, I instantly liked her.  It was actually quite strange really.  I used to be a liberal, obviously not a staunch liberal since I support the likes of Sarah Palin.  However, when you are surrounded by liberalism (school, work, music, tv, movies, etc) you come to believe it; it’s the only thing you are told.  I could never square the “woman’s choice” abortion argument when I looked at pictures of a developing fetus.  While I fully support gay marriage, I also understand the objections to it given that most of my family feels the same way.  I never quite got the underlying anti-military vibe that seemed to permeate nearly every aspect of leftist thought under Bush.   While I liked Star Trek and its “Federation of Planets”, the whole notion of a world united under one banner always made me feel somewhat queasy.  Global warming never really freaked me out; I used to love paleontology and understood that the earth has gone through some pretty drastic temperature changes without man having lit one fire.  Despite the fact that not one leftist item could penetrate my brain, I still believed it.  Why?

Cowardice.  Pure and simple.  I could not stand being left alone, of being outside the group.  When you are in the group you feed off of each other, you validate each other.  You never really have to question much of anything because you can be safe with the knowledge that other people are thinking THE EXACT SAME THING.  When reality dares enter your realm, the chorus grows louder as you shout it down, wail with ridicule, bellow belittlements and scream with pity at the poor fool.  This is the coward’s song.

Among the myriad of lies, the facts that I learned about Palin endeared me to her.  She was the epitome of everything I desired to be.  An individual in the fullest since, even if slightly romanticized.  She could hunt and cook her own dinner.  She graduated from college with no debt.  She raised a family of five with a husband who was gone most of the year and a carried a full work load as a governor.  And yet she still remained youthful, optimistic, vibrant- and happy.  She was a woman who had her convictions and she did not seem ashamed of them, unlike other Republicans.  There would be no apology tour for her; she knew how to steer her own ship.  In comparison to mine, her upbringing reminded me of “Little House on the Prairie”.  She was so different and Alaska was so far way, yet deep down I felt connected to the woman.  At the time I could not explain why.  However, not everyone felt the same.  I still remember a conversation with someone in which they started to complain about Sarah Palin when she appeared on TV.

“Ugh.  Sarah Palin’s on TV.”

“I like her.”

“Really?  Why?  How can you say that?”

“I don’t know, I just do.”

“Every time I see her I want to throw up.”


I had no response to that.  I could not fathom having that much hatred for someone I never met.  Now, had Sarah Palin spit on them some time back, I would have understood.  But to my knowledge they never crossed paths.  Little did I realize that the very things that endeared me to the woman would cause those still mired in leftism to despise her.  And I mean DEPISE her.  You see, Sarah Palin is human.  She has her faults, but she has never let that stop her from achieving what she wanted to do.  She has never let anyone tell her “No.”  Everything she has, she has built on her own.  If she fell, she got back up and soldiered on.  There was no government intervention, no special treatment, and no mentor grooming her for politics.  She is “the everyman” and she made it in.

As Hopenchange went on, I found myself disillusioned with the left.  I always thought of myself as an individual, but soon realized that I wasn’t.  When I decided to seek opinions different from mine, I couldn’t actually explain everything I believed.  I had nothing to back me up, not even history.  My entire world was turned upside down and I had some serious thinking to do.  Even though she had returned home to Alaska, the idea of Sarah Palin still haunted me.  Can I do that as well?  Can I build myself?  Can I stop being a coward?

Fast forward.

I sit here, about two years out from 2012, and the woman I admire is rising to the top.  And as she ascends to the top of the mountain, there are those at the top throwing not just stones, but boulders.  I’ve taken to reading these and laughing mostly.  Sometimes, they do give me doubts.  Yet there is something in my soul that tells me Palin is right then doubts slowly fade…. and it hit me this morning.  It actually wasn’t much of a revelation, and I believe many people have already come to this conclusion.  However, those that attack Palin never do so based on her record.  These are personal attacks.  The real reasons she has for any decisions she has made never make it pass the echo chamber.  Despite reality/truth Palin is a “quitter”, only concerned about money, superficial, fame obsessed, she managed to kill six people without even being present at the crime scene, her daughter is an unwed mother and Trig still ain’t her baby.  I always find it fascinating that these people can come up with such terrible character qualities about Palin, but then go on to suggest that she head up the RNC or become the “new Oprah”, but never ever President.

These people sing the same song.  They are concerned more about the perception of Sarah than her record.  You see, what would the nomination of Sarah Palin say about them?  (Or maybe, what would the nomination of Palin mean for their political careers.)  They still want to be liked, they want to be thought of as smart, they wish to be seen as civil, they want to be worldly, they want to be in the group, and to be in the group you cannot be Sarah Palin or anyone else like her.  These are the cowards of the Republican Party.  When confronted with truth they ignore, ridicule and shout it down.  Palin, in fact, we are only useful as long as we advance their careers.  In the end, we do not matter and the reality of who we are and what we have to deal with does not matter.  The only thing that matters is the perception.  How can they manipulate our perception?  Our perception of the world?  Our perception of them?  Our perception of ourselves?

Perception- not truth.  This is the same concept around terrorists having Constitutional rights or stopping illegal immigration- “What will the world think of us?”  It’s the same thing that helped Obama become President despite all the warning signs and the racist “pastor”.  He was perceived as good, infallible, almost god-like to some.  He was going to make things right in the world and enhance America’s perception to the global community.  Sometime later, we see the results of such a ridiculous world view unfolding before our eyes.  Obama has turned out to be a dud; the Hopenchange balloon has fallen to earth.  Despite civil trials, kid gloves, removal from the Middle East and Obama himself, the terrorists still wish to destroy all of western civilization.  Despite amnesty in the 80s, “compassionate” law enforcement and willful ignorance, the immigration problem has gotten worse.

The veil has dropped and people are beginning to question the perception.  The glass echo chamber which gave the cowards comfort is being shattered.  Truth is fighting its way inside and the cowards will be left with a choice: to pursue their utopia where the status quo reigns, or face reality and the difficult decisions that come with it.

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