Tim Pawlenty Tries the Nicolle Wallace Strategy

Desperate to get anyone to care about his candidacy, Tim Pawlenty said the following to the New York Times editorial board:

When asked if he would have produced a similar map, Mr. Pawlenty said, “I wouldn’t have done it.”

Pawlenty appears to have flip-flopped in a matter of hours during a conversation with Ed Morrissey.

Like Mitt Romney, Pawlenty seems to be mastering the art of saying one thing to one audience while saying something completely different thing to a conservative-leaning audience. Pawlenty’s behavior is eerily reminiscent of Nicolle Wallace’s antics. Wallace would never repeat the things that she says about Governor Palin on MSNBC when she’s on Fox News. Pawlenty’s book will likely perform just as well as Obama’s last two books, which is not saying much.

Unless Pawlenty has been in a cave, it’s pretty clear that the center-right, Northeastern urban moderates, and even some sane liberals are siding with Governor Palin. Pawlenty is pretty much only appealing to extreme left-wing liberals and I don’t think the GOP primary electorate is comprised of very many extreme left-wing liberals.

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