What Happened to the Who, What, When, Where and Why of Journalism?

Within hours of the Tucson shootings reporters and law enforcement officers were quick to assign blame to Governor Palin while at the same time emphasizing that there is no supporting evidence to suggest any connection at all.

When the facts eventually started coming out and it was obvious that the killer was a psychopathic nut and that there actually was no connection at all to any political rhetoric or Governor Palin. Reporters and journalist were quick to defend themselves by claiming that they blamed Governor Palin because they didn’t have the facts and had no other information. Here’s a small sample:

We didn’t know much about the young man?  Cut reporters some slack? Can’t be exonerated? I am no expert in journalism but even my 7 year old kid knows that if you don’t know the facts you can’t just go around making stuff up. What kind of excuse is “we didn’t have the facts” ? What sane person would cut them some slack? Those journalists and reporters failed miserably at their jobs and should be fired. No wonder the majority of Americans don’t trust the media why should they? Reporters just make stuff up. If we’re going to make stuff up; we can make up stories of our own. With that being the guideline it is my strong opinion that President Obama is responsible for the killings after all he encouraged people to use guns. No? Come on cut me some slack, I didn’t even go to Journalism school.


Via Pajamas Media

The media and the left wasted no time blaming everyone except for Jared Loughner for the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ). From Sarah Palin to Rush Limbaugh, the MSM blames everyone but Loughner. Hear more as Bill Whittle, Steve Green and Scott look in depth at the recent Arizona tragedy. http://www.PJTV.com.

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